Corporate Information Expired domain policy's expired domain policy

1. Notifications

We will send email notifications regarding domain expirations to the email we have on file for the account holder. All email notifications from us will be sent from Please mark this contact as a Safe sender to prevent the emails from going to spam.

Number of Email Notifications we will be sending

The first email notification will be sent 60 days before the domain’s expiration date (for .pl domains it will be 30 days).

The second email notification will be sent every seven days after the first email notification. If you don't want to renew your domain you can stop these notifications by clicking on the link inside the email, however we must send this type of email seven days before the domain expires per ICANN rules.

After the domain has expired we will send you an email notification about that as well.

2. Expired domains and Redemption period

When your domain expires it will be disabled.

You can renew the domain on this page within 40 DAYS after it expires (for the regular price). After 40 days the domain will be put into "redemption" status for 30 DAYS and you will be able to restore it (the domain restoration charge is $100).

Important notice:

The rules described in this section apply only for .com, .net, .org and .info domains.

For .pl domains you can't renew the domain at regular price after expiration - you have 15 DAYS to restore the domain (the restoration charge is $60).

For domains you can renew the domain at the regular price within 10 DAYS after it expires. After the 10 DAYS the domain will not be able to be renewed.

3. CCTLD Terms

By registration of any CCTLD, the registrant agrees to all terms specified by that extensions registry. Please see below to the terms for each extension: