Hosting Services Why do I need hosting?

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Many of our customers are often confused on why they need hosting, or what hosting really is. Quite often people buy a domain and feel that this is enough to have a website. Unfortunately a domain name is just a name if there is no site attached to it. In order to be able to have text, pictures, and other types of information on your site, you will need web space to put it there.

Here are some things to know when choosing a hosting package:

Disk Space:

This is the amount of data (ie pictures, music, video or text) that you can store on your website. This is usually specified by an amount of GB.

Data Transfer:

This is the amount of data (ie pictures, music, video or text) that you can send back and forth between people viewing your site and your website itself. Bandwidth is usually sepicifed by an amount of GB.


This is a way of storing information in groups of tables. This is required for blogs, e-commerce stores and sites that need to store information about customers. The amount of databases and space will determine how large your site can grow.


This is a way for you to access all of the files on your website. Through the use of a FTP client you will be able to modify, download, or upload files quickly and easily. FTP access is a must for those interested in making updates or changes to their website.

How much space do I really need:

At we made it so you never have to ask that question. Our hosting packages give you unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited databases. Whether you are trying to make a simple site, or a full blown e-commerce site, our unlimited hosting package will support your needs today, and any plans you have for the future. Other hosting sites will require you to pay for upgrades and upsell you on different products, we feel its best to just give you the best option right from the start.

If you have any other questions about hosting or any other services we offer, feel free to email us at or call us at 888-240-9132.